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Individual Therapy

I love working with people that are in a period of transition. Midlife is one of these times. Not unlike adolescence, you’re confronted with choices that will determine how you navigate the next phase of life. Some of these choices may be unplanned or confronting and some may be exciting like a new career or retirement. My work is to help you gain self-acceptance, free yourself from reactions based on past trauma and to help you connect mind and body.

What does that mean? I work relationally, which means that I feel the relationship between us is key. There needs to be a level of trust for you to feel comfortable being open and vulnerable. Often what is happening in the room reflects what is happening outside of the room. I am trained in somatic methods and will help you identify what is happening in your body when you feel flooded and teach you methods to regulate central nervous system, so you can approach issues with a calm mind.  I am also trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) which is proven to to help desensitize people to past trauma and phobias. Using EMDR can help change negative beliefs about yourself and unblock past trauma, so that you no longer feel stuck and are able to move on from past trauma. 

Therapy California
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