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Women's Therapy and Support Group

Women's Therapy and Support Group

I'm starting a new women's therapy and support group next month called Women Talking that I'm really excited about it. It’s for women in their 40's, 50's and 60's struggling with the mental health effects of aging. We’ll talk about loss of identity, menopause, appearance, work/life balance, empty nest, and invisibility. This will be an in person group that meets weekly at my office in Echo Park. The group will be small (8 members) so that people can be open and vulnerable with each other. It will be an ongoing group. Contact me if you are interested for a consultation.

This is an ongoing group. Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. $50 per session. 

Ageism and the Creative Professional

This is a group created to address the issues around ageism in creative fields. Working in traditionally  youth centered businesses as we enter midlife can lead to burnout, anxiety, and loss of identity. In this group we explore how to remain true to yourself and the creative process. Members support and inspire each other to keep creating and doing the thing that brings them joy. 

This group is currently on hiatus, although my partner Alyce Waxman and I have plans to begin another session. 

Creative Support Group
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