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Located in Echo Park & Online in California

"Sometimes when things fall apart, well, that’s the big opportunity to change." - Pema Chodron

Therapy Echo Park

Hi, I'm Tracy Sondern. I love working with individuals and couples in midlife and older, that are feeling stuck and wondering what is next. You may feel more confident than ever, more comfortable in your own skin and at the same time less valued. Whether you are a creative who feels too young to be experiencing ageism, a woman confronting the hormonal madness of menopause or a couple looking for connection, we all need help sometimes. Getting some support would feel good.

I see therapy as a collaboration, with our relationship key to the work. I’ll look for your strengths, at how past trauma is informing your present and

help you get in touch with the way your mind and body are connected. I believe self-acceptance creates the strength for you to move forward.  

I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which has been proven to be very effective in trauma work and phobias.

For couples work, I am trained in The Gottman Method for Couples to help couples with communication, connection and intimacy.

I’m direct but kind, serious but like a laugh and welcome all emotions.  I’m a former creative professional, who comes to this career later in life. I bring a wealth of lived experience with me and have done my own work in therapy to discover that this is exactly where I want to be now. I welcome all people and am gender affirming, body size positive and LGBTQ+ allied. 

Therapy Echo Park
Therapy Echo Park
Therapy Echo Park

Therapy and Support Group for Women

Women's Support Group

I am really excited about starting this group. I feel it will answer a need that many women I encounter, seem to be craving. Although menopause is a huge issue for this age group, I didn’t want this to be strictly a menopause support group. While it’s great that there's more discussion about menopause and aging out there, my aim is to build a community around a shared experience. It’s about self-compassion, growth, self-acceptance and gaining strength from each other. My hope is that this group will feel empowered and that that empowerment will spread to other women out there in the world.

Space is limited to 8 people. Wednesdays at 7:00pm Ongoing

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