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Therapy Services
Individual Therapy

You’ve been doing the same thing for a lot of years now and feel anxious and stuck. You’re burned out and want to make a change, but it scares you. You lost sight of who you are and don’t have a sense of what else you could even do. Change is hard, there is no getting around that, but discovering who you are now and curating the future you want and deserve can be exciting. That’s what I love about this work.  I’ll help you look at what past behavior and beliefs are limiting you and help you to make necessary changes. Together we will look at your strengths and build on them. I’ll teach you skills to help manage the anxiety and stress so that you can think clearly and making sound decisions. I believe the therapist/client relationship is key and want to support you in discovering your authentic self. I myself, made a life transition in my 50’s and could not have done it without the help and support of my own therapist.

Therapy California
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Couples Therapy

You know you love your partner but right now you don't really like them. You used to have fun together and communication was good, there was an ease to your relationship. Now it feels hard and you fight over even the dumbest things. You're both talking but neither one is listening. I want to help you to relocate that ease and feel good again, when you're together.

I’ll do this by creating an impartial, safe space for you to have the difficult conversations you avoid the rest of the week. I use Gottman and Imago methods to teach you how to connect to your partner again with empathy, friendship and respect. Therapy can help you to strengthen the parts of your relationship that are important to you and change the parts that keep you from feeling close. 


There’s a lot of pressure on teens today. So much is expected of them with college looming ahead, the pandemic behind them and the everyday anxiety of trying to fit in. All this while trying to figure out who they are as an individual. By being a non-judgmental listener, I can help kids feel supported and understood. I’ll give them skills to help ground themselves when they feel flooded, and I’ll help them navigate life until they get on the right track to where they want to go. I am LGBTQ+ allied and body positive. I welcome all races, genders, and sexualities. 

Group Therapy

As a former creative professional I felt there was a real need for a safe space for people experiencing ageism, burn out and the loss of identity that can happen at mid-life. Because of this I created the group Ageism and the Creative Professional which I co-facilitate with Alyce Waxman, also a former creative professional. In the group you will  find support and community with peers. We discuss how to keep the creative process alive, our feelings around how it is to be the older person in the room, and the idea of who are we, if we aren’t who we were? 

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